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Looking To Rent Along Waiyaki Way & Its Environs

The areas around Waiyaki Way are extremely busy. It houses some of Nairobi’s most upscale entertainment venues. It’s not difficult to find some tasty nyama choma and rhumba. Westlands is also quite near to some of the wealthiest areas. Being close to such a location could inspire you as a person who hasn’t quite found their feet.

Hoods along Waiyaki way

With a few exceptions, rent for homes along Waiyaki is often consistent throughout all locations. Also, you’ll discover that rent decreases as you move away from the main road.


On this list, Kangemi is the one closest to the city. You may get a bedsitter for 5,000 shillings and a one-bedroom residence for around 7,000 shillings. You may start by looking at the neighborhood near Kangemi Primary and then move on from there. You could also look online. Nowadays, a lot of real estate companies are online, so you could locate some clients that way. Don’t be hesitant to travel all the way to Thiong’o; the region shows some promise.


Students from Nairobi University frequently like Lower Kabete. Despite being close to the school, there are still some reasonably priced rental options. As previously indicated, finding a rental in Nairobi that is both reasonable and requires little travel is a challenge. This is offered by Kabete in just the right ratios. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment might cost 10,000 Somali shillings, compared to 6,000 for a bedsitter. You may start your search in the region near ILRI and even proceed into Uthiru.


The majority of people like Kinoo because it has the benefit of being close to the city center but far enough out to make the rent and cost of living bearable. You might find fresh produce and meat at affordable costs. By the side of the road, a bedsitter may cost no more than 7,000 shillings. If you go a little further, you might find something that is up to 2,000 shillings less. One bedroom apartments can cost around 10,000 shillings. The same closeness to the road rule is in effect.


This is a little further on than Waiyaki, another student favorite. One bedroom apartments in this area start at 8,000 shillings. Depending on how close the bedsitter is to the highway, you could be able to hire them for as little as 4,000 shillings. The cost varies between 50 and 80 shillings during busy hours. Waiyaki Way offers 24-hour, if not round-the-clock, matatu service.



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