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land for sale
  1. Identify the land you want to purchase

you first need to know for what purpose do you need the property for before you identify the land you want to buy because there are different kinds of properties; residential, controlled development, commercial etc. After which you can now go ahead and look for an ideal property by looking for ‘land for sale’ signs or use real estate agents to do the land search for you.

2. Conduct a search for the said property

After idehtifying your target property, ask the seller for a copy of the title deed, to help you conduct a search on the property and to do so you need to file a search application form, attached to a copy of the title deed, and pay a fee at the Land Registry (Ardhi House). After the process is done successfully, you should be able to get the following information about the land:

  • the registered owner of the property
  • it’s size
  • any encumbrances against the land such as court orders, loans taken against it etc.

3. Draft a sales agreement

after all is clear, get a lawyer to draft a sales agreement between you the buyers and the seller. Upon agreement get the agreement signed and stamped. This is important in that in case of a dispute you are able to use the agreement in a court of law.

4. Land transfer

upon finalizing the transactions, the buyer’s advocate prepares a transfer and is signed by the seller and his advocate. To file this, both parties have to provide documentation such as ID, PIN certificate, the original title deed, land rent/rates clearance certificate, the land valuation and passport sized photographs.

5. Stamping and registration formalities

After the transfer has occurred the purchaser will be required to conduct a valuation of the property, register it and pay rates and rent on it.

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