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  1. Size of the apartment

Most property developers offer different sizes of houses or rather rooms. Hence prioritize what you need most, i.e, is it a big living room? a big kitchen for those who love cooking? spacious bedrooms? or just a medium sized house. Choose wisely before coming into a conclusion

2. Rent price

its good to choose a house that is within your budget so that you dont end up spending too much on rent that you cant be able to afford other things

3. Service charge

it is good the amenities available and how much they cost for maintainance so as to get an estimate of how much you will add up on your rent so as to meet the cost and if you are lucky enough you might find some places where the service charge is inclusive of the rent

4. location of the apartment

get to consider the surroundings of the place in terms of the social amenities, accessibility, etc

5. regulations regarding pets

if you are a pet lover this should be among your priorities since most apartments dont allow pets.

6. parking

consider the number of vehicles owned before deciding to settle so as to ensure you get ample parking for your treasured possession 

7. Natural lighting

there is a notion where by a well naturally lit house feels warmer plus it saves on electricity consumption since during the day you will not have to use electricity in lighting the house

8. Safety features

take your time to check the various safety features available in the place you want to rent i.e fire extinguishers, fire assembly points, alarms, etc

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