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Top 10 tips for first-time home buyers

Before buying your first home/property, kindly take a moment to go through the following tips for first time home buyers. Make a budget & Save for a down payment ahead of time. Examine your finances thoroughly to determine how much house you can afford, taking into account both your monthly income and your debts. Consider opening a separate savings account for your homebuying expenses, and...

Renting Vs Buying Property Along Waiyaki way (pros & cons)

You want to invest in real estate but haven't made up your mind on whether to buy or rent a property along Waiyaki Way and its surroundings. Here are some streamlined benefits and drawbacks of both options to assist you decide which to choose before you start announcing to your friends and coworkers that you are "a Waiyaki way resident." Buying Pro's Purchasing real estate can be paid for in a...

Important Steps to Take Before Leasing Land in Kenya

Before entering into a lease agreement for land in Kenya, it is critical that you have a clear grasp of the nature of the endeavor you are committing to. Private land leases are generally for extended periods of time, with some leases lasting up to twenty years or more. Because of the commercial interests you aim to create around the land you intend to lease, you will naturally want to be confident that...

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